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Dental Cleaning (Best investment you'll ever make!)
Regular self care habit of brush twice daily and once flossing, along with routine visit for dental cleaning is an investment of time and energy that will payback several fold in ages to come. Such practice not only keep your healthy teeth, gum and smile, it also have tremendous impact on your overall health. Gum disease is know to be associated with increase risk of developing heart disease, diabetes and even Alzheimer's disease.
Dental Implants (no more loose dentures)
Dental implants have come a long way. We are now able to accuracy place implants successfully as planned using the latest technology of Cone beam CT and 3D intra-oral scan. most patients feel a significant reduction of post-operative pain and healing period.
Porcelain Crowns and Fixed Bridges (Some traditions are good to keep)
When tooth structure have decayed beyond a certain level, crowns are needed to protect the remaining healthy portion of your teeth. While most patient choose all ceramic crowns that give great esthetic and strong bonded seal to prevent recurrent decay, there are times where metal fused porcelain crown is a better fit for deep decay into the root. Ask us which is the best choice for you
Teeth Whitening (Have some fun with it)
In-office whitening in a controlled setting allows us to give your brilliant uplift to your smile when you feel like trying out something new. It's safe and effective that gives significant results in an hour or less.
Tooth Colored Filing (no more metal mouth )
While Amalgam filling is still considered a viable material to restore cavities caused by dental caries, many are opting for restoration to look and feel like their original teeth. We use our skill of artistry and science to give you a strong yet beautiful finish to any of your restoration.
Minimally Invasive Veneers (Find the smile for you)
We don't believe you need to sacrifice healthy tooth structure to get a better smile or even to try on a new smile. With Minimally invasive veneers and often Non-invasive veneering, we can give you the smile you've been seeking without worrying about damaging your tooth. , we have the Expertise to shape your teeth to fit your smile profile.
Digital X-rays (Less radiation exposure)
With the lower X-ray dosage needed to capture image for diagnosis, recommended interval of dental x-ray exposure is safer than ever.
Dental Sealants (Protect teeth against decay)
Sealant are typically giving to children during their transition from primary to adult dentition. By sealing the pits and grooves of newly erupted tooth prevent the accumulation of bacteria in those sometime unreachable fine crevices.
Fluoride (do I really need it?)
Professioanl strength Fluoride, such as 2.26% topical fluoride, is recommended by the American Dentist Association to be given to patient with high risk of dental caries. We exam our patient to see if such professional strength is needed or not. Feel free to talk to us about the use of fluoride and any concern you might have.