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Dental cleaning
What is the difference between a deep cleaning and a regular cleaning
Deep cleaning is a common vernacular for Scaling and Root planing ( SRP). This is different from the routine cleaning done at the dental office in term of being therapeutic as oppose to preventative. SRP is only done when there is an active form of periodontal disease, often showing signs of bleeding, swelling, visible tartar on xrays. Left unchecked, this will lead to degeneration of the foundational bone below the gum. It's consider foundational because it is what's needed to anchor the teeth in place much like the soil around a tree's roots. progression of periodontal disease is like erosion of soil that cause tree to unhinge.

The only great news about is periodontal disease is that it's reversible. We can stop the process of infection by riding of it's source, plaque and tartar build-ups. The unfortunate side is that once bone is destroyed, it is almost impossible to regenerate to it's original volume. So we diagnose, educate and intervene early against advance periodontal disease. We want to see you smiling for decades to come!
What is the difference between minimally invasive and non invasive veneers
Veneers are thin ceramic covers added to the visible surface of the front teeth for any defects such as chips and fracture, permanent stains, or small size lateral incisors called peg laterals. While this can be achieved with crowns, much healthy tooth structures need to be sacrificed 360 degree so the crown can tightly sit on the tooth without dislodging. Veneers allows less sacrifice, only the front layer of the defected tooth needs to be removed.

With the advancement of bonding technology, Minimally invasive veneers allow as little sacrifice as possible to achieve your beautiful smile. This is used often when there are crowded teeth which does not allow enough space for non-invasive bonding veneers to create an satisfactory result. Structures still needed to be removed to allow the space to be re-added to by ceramic to give good esthetic shape and color.

With a combination of orthodontic movement of teeth to create space and non-invasive bonding veneers, naturally beautiful smiles can be created without sacrifice of any tooth structure
Are implants painful
In the past, Implant surgeries have been known have significant pain after the surgery due to the need to cutting the gum and detaching it from the bone to allow for accurate visualization of he bone to orient the implant. Sutures are need afterward to tight the two half of the gum tissues back together. Now with the use of 3D xray and intra-oral scan, implants can be placed accurately after a simple tissue hole punch. This is possible because of computer aided virtual implant placement planning created by the scanned data of the oral structure.
clear aligner orthodontic treatment
Does my insurance cover clear aligner trays
Yes, whether we use bracket and wire orthodontic appliance or Clear tray aligner insurance will cover for the treatment once per lifetime of your policy.