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From Dr. Rong in the beginning to the addition of Dr. Angela Choy and Dr. Michael Nguyen; we have focus on the idea of taking care of each other, so we can take care of our patients with the best of our collective energy. Dr. Rong is proud and grateful to be surrounded by a wonderful team that constantly strive to improve on ways to care for our patients. We honestly look at ourselves to define our strength and shortcoming to make better connection with our patients. You will truly feel what it is like to be genuinely cared.
Our vision is to simply let you smile better when you walk out. Whether it is to take care of toothache that prevent you from smile or enhancing your smile with clear aligner's or veneering, We are here to support your oral health with expert knowledge, skill and compassion. We all want to smile better and longer while you go through this journey of life. So let's do it together!
At Genuine Care Dental we are proud to have been awarded as the Top Dentistry Practice with some of San Jose's best dentists, verified by Our friendly team prioritizes getting to know you and your needs. Our dentists tirelessly stay on top of the latest research and technology to provide you with the best dental care. We focus relentlessly on three things: honest guidance, compassionate care, personalized to you.


Experience dental healthcare that is personalized to you with honest guidance, transparent pricing and better care.
John Rong Hao
Dr. Rong started Genuine Care Dental because he was not satisfied with the level of patient care he saw while working as an associate in various practices . He believes our patients should feel cared for as an person, not just a set of teeth. So, He lives by the philosophy of CANI (constant and never ending improvement) in his clinical skill excellence, clear communication, hospitality, and customer service. He is so grateful for the relationships he had made with so many of our patients, because our wonderful patients support us to be truly our genuine selves. Our patient appreciate the refreshingly honest and transparent approach to give treatments that makes sense to them as an individual. This can be seen in the heartfelt reviews our patients wrote about our doctors and team online.
Accreditation and Associations
  • BDS(Cleaning)
Angela Choy
"Dr. Angie" has been Dr. Rong's dear friend since dental school 14 years ago. She has the gentlest touch. Every one of Dr. Rong's patient felt at easy right away when Dr. Angie join us two years ago. One patient even joked " I came for you (Dr. Rong) because of your reviews, but I don't want anyone else besides Dr. Angie. No offense"
Accreditation and Associations
  • D.D.S.
Michael Nguyen
"Dr. Mike's" passion for dentistry and it's positive affect on patient's is what impressed Dr. Rong when they first met. Within a short time, Dr. Rong discover the vision Dr. Nguyen has for dental care so match his own, Dr. Mike was quickly invited to become a part of our team. Dr. Mike felt like home and was excited to be part of our team
Accreditation and Associations
  • D.M.D
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Cindy Yeh
administrative specialist
Cindy's caring nature is reflected in the extend of her effort when it comes to find our patients an appointments that works. We understand how busy you are, so we constantly aim to make your dental visit smooth and easy.
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Dominique Biddle
executive administrator
Dominique "Dee" has been in the dental field for over a decade. She bring her expertise and combines with her outstanding customer service to make the hassles of Insurance and paperwork simple. She also make sure the entire team is care for so we can be at our best when we care for our patients
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Grisel Gomez
Clinical coordinator
Grisel works tirelessly to assure the hundreds of details are in order to make your experience pleasant. She has been in the dental field for almost a decade. Dr. Rong so appreciated her help during his associate doctor time in Watsonville 7 years ago; Grisel was personally invited by Dr. Rong to come to San Jose to be part of his team.
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Jenny Charoenracharoon
Clinical assistant
Jenny is the sweetest girl you will meet. Her excellence in assisting our doctors is shown in her top 10 placement in the national dental assistant competition ( 1st place in the state).
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Yolanda Valencia
treatment coordinator
Yolanda is passionate in helping with our patients to decide on the best treatment for them as an individual, once our wonderful doctors made their recommendations . Her friendliness will have to put you at ease when you visit our office