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San Jose, CA

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Soooooo Much Better than any dentist I've been too. I really have had some bad experiences with other places and needed a lot of work done on myself and a couple fillings for my 4year old daughter. I reached Journeyman Status in my union and upped my benefits because I had a personal goal of having nice teeth again and being a single/Overprotective parent I don't have a ton of money, and it's hard to trust people around my daughter. So needless to say finding the right dentist was AN EXTREMELY important decision to me and I couldn't be happier that I chose Genuine Care. They coordinated my daughters work and my work in a way that she was 100% comfortable..... I was in the chair for a couple hours during each visit because I needed a lot of work so I was worried my daughter would get impatient, but they handled that problem amazingly. They let her watch whatever show she wanted (Paw Patrol) close by while I was in the chair and gave her a bowl of oatmeal that she asked for. (after they asked my permission of course) Long story short, amazing customer service and top of the line work. 100%completely Satisfied with the work and I'll post some Before/After pictures an you can judge for yourself.

Daniel D.

Jan 2017

I found Dr. Rong on Groupon about 3 months ago. I finally had free time and scheduled my cleaning. The location is great, open parking area, and his office is clean and welcoming. The rooms and space are well kept and very much so clean and the equipment is up to date. I used to work in the dental field so I play close attention to those types of things. He has very VERY friendly Staff, and I am glad to have found him online. He gets back to you as soon as possible w questions or concerns and his text reminders are life savers. I have had 2 cleanings, a set of x rays and whitening; the Zoom and the touch up. Both were painless and and worked how I expected. I highly recommend his friendly and genuine office and Staff!

Angelina Y.

May 2016

This office has amazing Staff and made me feel extremely comfortable! I felt like Dr. Rong was very professional and listened to my concerns. I've been to plenty of dentists in the past and he's the best one I've been to so far! I received an exam, X-rays, and a cleaning and everything was very well done. I'm actually looking forward to going back! Dr. Rong was also very transparent about pricing and works with my insurance provider.

Blenda H.

Dec 2015

Genuine Care Dental is awesome! I was seeing a dentist after an embarrassing number of years and I am so glad that one of my friends recommended me Dr. Rong's clinic. Dr. Rong and the entire staff is very welcoming and friendly. Dr. Rong patiently answered all my questions and always made sure that my treatment isn't making me uncomfortable. The equipment and the clinic itself are nice and modern. I want to thank you and your entire staff for all the help! I am going to be more frequent with my dentist check-in's and now I know where to go.

Sanket K.

June 2016

From the moment I walked in I was given a wonderful, friendly welcome that never stopped!! Everyone there was just so friendly and "just want to get to know you" attitude. the whole experience was great, my teeth are sooooo white! I will definitely go back next year.

Val H.

Oct 2016

I usually don't write reviews but I really feel that the service at Genuine Care Dental is excellent. We just moved into the area and skeptical of finding a great dentist, but I think I just found one I would stick with for a long long time as long as we are here. I just went in for a cleaning with not much expectation, but Dr. Rong and his staff really impressed me with how approachable and professional they are. Dr. Rong seemed very knowledgeable and really took his time to answer all the questions I had for my teeth, about preparing for braces, and concerns on my budget. I was surprised to get his text and call even after hour with additional information and reminders. I do agree with others and felt they really pay attention to their patients. I felt like I am set on my dentist!

Yin G.

Apr 2016

I'm not sure why I took so long to write this review, but here goes: Dr. Rong is amazing - very professional well-run office. I've never felt pressured into doing unneeded/shady work on my teeth. I even recommended my gf to this place and she agrees. Thank you for all your work Dr. Rong - keep it up..!

Kelvin N.

Jul 2016

Just an amazing experience! I found them on Groupon since I don't have health insurance at the moment. But mark my words, I would be coming back even if they hadn't that deal! Doctor Rong and all his staff are super professional and friendly, they make sure you are comfortable and not bored. They switched on a TV attached to their ceiling and offered to turn on a TV show, a movie or a documentary. I agreed on the documentary, and let me tell you it helped a lot distracting me from procedures so the time flew by. I had my X-rays done and commented by a nurse and Doctor Rong, had my teeth thoroughly cleaned and whitened, not to mention a "take-home" whitening kit a got to keep my teeth white in-between visits. Everything was painless, even the teeth whitening! I'm very happy with the results and for sure will be coming back and recommending Genuine Care Dental to my friends and family!

Sania L.

Aug 2015

Well, I had a "real" dental cleaning at Dr. Rong's office today. He made sure I was comfortable throughout and thoroughly cleaned my teeth ... while I enjoyed watching Netflix on his large flat-screen TV mounted on the ceiling! Thank God I found Dr. Rong after the terrible experience I had with another dentist last week! I'm going to have my whole family start coming here as a result of the amazing service he and his staff provided me. Oh, and "one last thing," he gives a free SoniCare rechargeable toothbrush for patients with medical insurance.

Brian W.

Feb 2015

The staff and service at Genuine Care Dental is excellent! My teeth is prone to stains and I went in for my 6 month cleaning. After my cleaning, my teeth felt brand-new. The stains were all gone and I felt great! Dr. Rong really takes his time to get to know his patients and answers all your concerns or questions. More so, he does not try to persuade you into any unnecessary dental procedures. He goes out of his way to make you feel comfortable and is one of the friendliest people I've ever met. I highly recommend you to pay Dr. Rong and his office a visit!

Yujin C.

Apr 2016

It was super excellent to get the dental check up from John. He was supportive, friendly, very patient in examining and genuine in his advice. He asked me to get treated urgently while I was on my trip from any other doctor, not wanting business from me. That to me was very touching that he was so genuine and straight forward in his advice. Answered all my questions patiently. Thanks to his advice I feel so much better. Super clean and hygienic equipment with supportive staff and latest technology. Must visit for your good dental health.

Karan G.

May 2014

ands down my best clinical visit. Loved everything about it. Very nice deco, friendly staff and the equipment is top of the line. Best of all Dr. Rong is extremely patient. Explains everything throughout the procedure (which is a BIG plus in my books). Always made sure I was comfortable. I am looking forward to my next visit

Rohit D.

Jan 2014

I've visited Genuine Care Dental twice now, Once to get a standard cleaning under their no insurance $49 special for people without insurance, and then to get a cavity filled that had developed on one of my wisdom teeth.

The office is very nice and modern, and Dr. John is fantastic. He was very patient with me, explained everything, and did an excellent job. I had never had a cavity before, so I don't know how much they usually hurt, but I felt almost no pain, and had more discomfort from holding my jaw open for a while than from the procedure afterwards. I'm moving to San Francisco, but am planning on still seeing Dr. John for my regular checkups. Highly recommended!

Solomon O.

March 2014

Awesome Dentist and staff!! Very knowledgeable and professional!! This was my very first visit and I am looking forward to the next. Very friendly and hospitable! ! Dr. John Rong and the Genuine Dental Staff are Awesome!!

Victoria J.

Aug 2014

I dread dentist visits, and had been putting one off for a while. I am so glad that a friend referred me to Dr Rong - it is so hard to find a good dentist. Dr Rong is kind, warm, and genuinely interested in taking a good care of you. He made me feel very comfortable, and did a great job. With Dr Rong I feel like I am in good hands.

Aparna S.

Sept 2014

Dr Rong and his team are absolutely phenomenal! My fiancé and I claimed a Groupon for a cleaning/whitening and couldn't b happier. We're getting married in 2 months and Dr Rong gave me a picture-perfect smile for our wedding pictures! Thank you so much. I've already referred u guys to multiple friends

Molly L.

Aug 2015

Dr. Rong is a great dentist. I hate going to the dentist, but Dr. Rong made me feel very comfortable. He really cares for his patients.

Lily V.

Dec 2014

Dr. Rong is a great dentist and knows what he is doing!

Shayne H.

Apr 2015


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